Two story house plans

This stunning contemporary design moves from the dining room to a cozy patio where after dinner you can listen to stories while the sun sets. Upstairs, the master bedroom showcases an elegant bathroom with twin sinks, large shower and separate bathtub. There is also a laundry room up there.

House Plan HP-1066-3

This 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home has an open floor plan and panoramic windows that combine indoor and outdoor spaces. Perfect for entertaining friends and family, or to get away from it all. A shed roof with wide overhangs covers the deck on piles from all sides, creating a favorable climate all year round.  This house plan is suitable for a hillside or seaside, providing a walkout basement covered by the deck.

House Plan HP-498-6

 A simple and elegant modern house plan with an area of ​​just over 100 square meters will suit a young family with one or two children.

Simple Modern House Plan with a Carport

This House plan is suitable for a downsloping lot with 2 car garage located on the rear. From the open-plan main level, you can enter the large deck above the garage.

Chic Modern House Plan with a Roof Garden and Deck above the Garage

This modern Barnhouse-style home with two bedrooms has been designed with a gentle slope so that a 2-car tandem garage can be placed under the home's main living areas.

Barn house Style Plan For an Up Slopping lot

This modern home was designed as an additional residential or guest house that could be built on the grounds of the main house. The two-bedroom house combines indoor and outdoor spaces.

Small Modern House Plan with two bedrooms and alfresco

This is a lovely and compact 3 bedroom modern house plan. The exterior combines stone, cedar, and contrasting siding for a more distinctive facade.at the rear of the house there are the main living areas that are open plan.

Compact 3-Bed Two Story Modern Home Plan

 The sloping rooflines and large windows make this modern home very attractive.  The open plan is both logical and functional.

Modern House Plan with Shed Roofs and Large Windows

On an area of just over 100 square meters, there is an open living room with a kitchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. In the living room, the clerestory windows carry light from above. Sliding doors from the living room lead to the patio.

HP-923166-1-3: Small modern house plan with slanted roofs

You can get all the comforts of this spacious modern home. The house has a large open plan layout with a butler's pantry and a pantry for food. There are even a walk-in closet and fitted wardrobes in the family hallway next to the garage, which is easy to access from the front foyer. You can use the den as a guest bedroom as it has a closet and a private bathroom.  	Sliding glass doors on two walls lead to a covered rear corner deck with an outdoor fireplace. The upscale master bedroom has a seating area, a giant bathroom, and a huge dressing room. The other three bedrooms also have walk-in closets or walk-in wardrobes and access to the bathrooms directly from the bedroom. The additional room above the garage can be used as a home theater or fitness room.

Spacious Contemporary House Plan For a Narrow Lot

If you are a practical person, then you should buy a two-story house plan, since having built a house, you will get a lot of advantages: from low construction costs to small expenses for maintenance and repair of a house. You can also choose a two-story house plan with a layout where recreation areas will be on the second floor, and rooms for day activities on the first floor. If you have beautiful views around, then consider the idea of planning where the living room and kitchen-dining room are on the second floor, then if there is a terrace or balcony you can admire the landscape from above. And it does not matter that you have to go up and down the stairs several times a day. Because, in return, you will get free fitness, and in the foyer or living room a beautiful design element in the form of a beautiful modern staircase.

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