The modern two-storey house Lynix with a garage and a balcony

The innovative design and modern style of this house will long remain popular and attractive. Dynamic proportions of the facade are formed by an asymmetric arrangement of the garage and the second floor, a contrasting combination of a two-colored facade and straight lines that emphasize windows and doors.


The garage and the right-wing of the house protrude a little, forming a niche in which the entrance to the house is located. Above the porch, there is a balcony, which also serves as a visor. Just at the entrance to the right side is the door to the home theater, and to the left is the entrance to the garage. Behind the home theater hid a small room in which the owners decided to make an office. In the back wall of the cabinet is a built-in bookcase.


Behind the foyer, there is a staircase to the second floor, opposite - a guest toilet, the entrance to which is hidden in a small corridor branching off from the main corridor leading to the back of the house. Architects did not leave any uselessly empty corner, having placed there a built-in wardrobe, space under the stairs is also used for a storage room. Behind the stairs is a small hall, from where three doors lead to a spacious laundry room behind the stairs, to the master bedroom on the left and to the open great room, located directly.

The backroom is the heart for a family gathering. The architect used the popular tendency to unite the common areas of the living room, dining room and kitchen in one open space. The open layout is convenient for communicating with family members, especially when the landlady or master cooks food in the kitchen, without detaching themselves from watching children or talking with friends.

At the far wall - the kitchen cabinets form L shape. The kitchen island separates the cooking zone from the rest of the room. The entire left wall of the room is made of glass with sliding doors leading to the terrace, which is outdoor living. The narrow space between the house and the fence is also used completely. A good solution is to place there a pool that occupies the entire area between the house and the neighboring site, which is closed from the street by a ledge of the garage.

A large master bedroom on the first floor is a great place for spouses to relax. Nearby is a large narrow bathroom with a large window facing the pool. Behind it there is the walk-in closet.

On the second floor there are three spacious bedrooms for the other members of the family and a large family living room with access to the balcony. Behind the stairs is a large bathroom.

This house will be convenient for a family of five or six people. Australian company Perseptions builds such and other wonderful houses in many cities of Australia.

Plan Details

House two floor
Bedrooms — 4
Garage — 2 car garage
Heated Area 280 sq.m
Ground Floor Square: 0
1st Floor Square: 0
Width: 14
Depth: 0
Roof — flat
Bathrooms —
Wall materials — brick
Facade cladding: stucco
Foundation— Slab
Outdoor Living: Deck
Windows: panoramic windows
Max Ridge Height:

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