Two Story Wood Frame House Plans

Панорамное остекление в современном доме Nicolas Lee

When we have a small lot and a large family, we need a two-story house to make the family comfortable. The best solution is to build a two-story modern frame house. A two-story frame house is easier and faster to build than a house made of stone materials, thanks to the wooden floor of the second floor. The useful area of ​​the frame house will also be larger by several square meters due to thinner, and warmer walls. The simplicity of design of two-storey houses in modern style is also better suited to a modern family - straight lines of walls and roofs, simple and functional decoration of the facade and interior leads to a reduction in the cost and time of construction of any house. Look at the layouts and photos of the modern double floor houses in a contemporary style from leading architects from around the world to get an idea of ​​your future home.

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