Modern house made of Ambiente timber

 Architects and designers of this house plan coped with the task of creating a house in the avant-garde style:

Console rounding out the second floor of the facade emphasize the desire to achieve the appearance of a space Observatory of a science fiction movie.  Natural lighting, created thanks to large frameless Windows, gives us a sense of connection with the surrounding nature, allowing the whole body to touch the sun's heat. The interior layout is original in that all living space is created on the second floor.

 Staircase leading to a new life, as if glowing in its niche, surrounded by a glass wall. After all, in this life we expect a cozy living room, designed as an entrance to the oasis located on the terrace, the Spa is a water attraction and a chimney with glass panels in the wall. Lamps are hidden in the ceiling. The transitions between wall and floor are neatly rounded in the two bathrooms. Wood, glass and stainless steel set the tone of design as modern building materials.

Of course family life also happens on the ground floor, the Central meeting place of households and their guests.. There is an open kitchen and dining room, a toilet, a guest bedroom and an office space.

Two floors, each with an area of more than 100 square meters, can be divided into two separate living spaces. If the family is reduced after the children have started to live separately, part of the house can be rented out, as the second floor has its own exit, or use the house to live together with older parents.

Energy efficiency of the house lies in the creation of the authors of the insulation shell of good insulation using wood fiber (ecowat) that meets the requirements of the passive house.

  The use of modern technologies such as Underfloor heating, air heating and air conditioning with recuperation in the ventilation system, and electricity obtained from solar panels, makes the house energy - self-sufficient.

Modern building automation-smart home, creates full control remotely. Possible controls via smartphones (Apple / Android) or PC. Errors are reported automatically via SMS or email. All this automation is an entertaining computer game.

Floor Plans

This house can be ordered in Germany from the company Regnauer

Plan Details

House two floor
Bedrooms — 2
Garage —
Heated Area 229 sq.m
Ground Floor Square: 122 sq.m
1st Floor Square: 107 sq.m
Width: 15.25
Depth: 13
Roof — flat
Bathrooms —
Wall materials — timber
Facade cladding: stucco
Foundation— Crawl Space
Outdoor Living:
Windows: panoramic windows
Max Ridge Height:

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