Modern one-story H-shaped house plan with terraces in the courtyards: Breeze

One-story prefab house Breeze - the largest house produced by the company Bluhomes. The Breeze House offers a large space for relaxation and entertainment, as well as up to 4 bedrooms for family members to live and grow. The central part of the house is made with a higher roof to accommodate the second-row windows.

The photo shows the options that you can get using one single layout, and make changes to it. Since this is a modular house, you can add or subtract rooms, a garage or other structures. The cost of this house on a turn-key basis starts from $545.000. For Russia, this is certainly too expensive, but in Russia, there are companies that produce similar finished houses, which will gladly accept the order for your project. Of course, a single-story house with an area of ​​200 sq.m will cost significantly more than a two-story house of the same size. The foundation and the roof - that's what increases the value of the house. Sliding windows with high energy-saving characteristics will also cost a lot, although any windows can take up to 10% of the value of the house. But this is the most eco-friendly house in the world, according to Bluhomes:

All Blu homes are simply the greenest homes in the world. They are built to exceed the strictest green home regulations and energy efficiency ratings of any country.

Green rated homes result in higher resale value versus comparable homes, making them your best investment.

It's no surprise, why in North America, wood-frame houses are so popular. Their construction can be put on the conveyor and guarantee high quality, although the cost will be higher. If the Russian population were not so conservative with regard to frame houses, all residents of our country would have long lived in warm and comfortable houses. And many people would not be sitting without work, as the construction industry creates jobs.

Plan details
House single floor
Bedrooms — 3
Garage — no garage
Heated Area 196 sq.m
Ground Floor Square: 196 sq.m
1st Floor Square: 0
Width: 18
Depth: 0
Roof — flat
Bathrooms —
Wall materials — wood frame
Facade cladding: wood siding
Foundation— Slab, Crawl Space
Outdoor Living: Deck
Windows: panoramic windows
Max Ridge Height:

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