Three options for finishing the ceiling

The fifth wall is the ceiling! To understand this is important, because despite the fact that we pay little attention to it than to other parts of the surrounding living space.

 For many years it became a habit to do a ceiling flat, without allocating it. And this is understandable-the main goal was just to level up, and at worst close suspension system, bumps and basic marriage is in the construction or hide various engineering systems. 

 In this article I propose to change your attitude to the ceiling and show that this part of the room can look on an equal footing with the walls and floor, and bring a special, incomparable, bright note in the overall context of the design of the room.

 So let's start!


If you choose a classic or antique style of the room, you can decorate the ceiling

 all sorts of moldings.

Painted, tinted or highlighted by shadows bas-relief details of stucco will give the ceiling elegance, and the Central outlet with a massive crystal chandelier will give the room a truly Royal look.

Alfresco painting

As well as in the case of stucco, ceiling painting with all sorts of drawings and stencils make the effect of the volume of the room. It is enough to remember your feelings when visiting temples, churches or mosques. All the figures there deposited on a flat surface, but using shadows to create the impression of infinite space.

Decorative beams

Wood at all times looked impressive when used in the decoration of walls and floors, but how can it be used for decoration of the ceiling? Of course it is fixed to the ceiling beams.

Painted or simply polakirovannye wooden bars of different sizes with hanging chandeliers or lamps will give the room an Oriental style, but if you have a ceiling with beveled surfaces, for example attic or second light, you can apply the style of half-timbered.

It is important to note that the use of timber is not necessary, just enough three light boards to assemble the box simulating a heavy and bulky timber.

To sum up-the ceiling is really the fifth wall! Only the choice of design options to create elegance and comfort is Up to you!

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