Modern bedroom design in grey colors

Grey color in the interior used to be rarely used. For some reason it was considered gloomy, and if it was used then only in the upholstery of sofas or chairs, as the most non-mark color. With the advent of stores offering a computer selection of colors and a variety of colors, you can now pick up different shades of grey, which will not look gloomy. Look at what design ideas of the bedroom offers designers from around the world.

Gray color in the bedroom is one of the most popular colors in modern design, thanks to the tendency to create "discreet interiors". This is probably correct, because in the bedroom we need to rest and unnecessary stimuli do not need us. The only thing that should attract us in the bedroom is the bed. So, there is a variety of bed linens and bedspreads, which can be changed in their mood. To add elegance and create a "focal point", hang on the wall paintings or photos of your loved ones. Gray color is perfect for a background on which these pictures or frames with a photo will not be lost.

Also note that curtains are rarely used in modern bedrooms. In a residential house, curtains may not be needed if nobody looks in the bedroom window. But if you need to close the window, it is better to use external metal blinds, which at the same time will serve as a protection against entering the house during your absence.

If you still decided to hang curtains, then choose a one-color, well-fitting to the walls. It can be white or silver curtains. The main thing to remember is that there should not be more than three colors in the bedroom. White color is used almost always on the ceiling, it remains to decide what two colors you can add to the bedroom interior in a modern style. The second color can be brown or black, it depends on the color of the furniture. Therefore, if you already have some furniture, then you need to choose only one color, the tints can be different.

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