Modern bathroom with white walls design ideas

White bathrooms work double duty. They look clean and gorgeous while they also play well with lighting, making even the smallest space look spacious and grand.

Don’t overlook the humble white bathroom. As it turns out, white bathrooms can be just as beautiful and grande as their more colorful counterparts. Whether they’re setting the scene in a modern, upscale flat or the bathroom is inspired by turn of the century designs, these white bathrooms are big on charm and style

The minute you add a vase of lovely flowers in elegant bottles and a clock, the bath immediately feels less monochromatic. Art in the bath adds interest and changes the monochromatic look. If you have a wood sauna, the texture of the wood makes the space less clinical. A large mirror adds depth, and an architectural trim always adds dimension.

 It’s the ultimate retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation, complete with beautifully crafted objects and elegant materials, balanced with the right blend of practical considerations and design dynamics. It needs to feel just right for you.

There’s something undeniably luxurious about a deep, stand-alone bathtub. To make a splash, consider painting your walls white and having a little fun with the color of your tub. A claw-foot tub (or just its legs) can be finished in shades like red or yellow, while wood designs bring their own brand of panache to the party.

Since the finish of the fittings and towel bars presents itself as color, you have to decide if you want the space to feel cool (chrome) or warm (nickel or brass). And don’t assume that because the bath is white you need to impose colored towels. Going back to texture, a luxurious white Egyptian cotton towel adds warmth and softness.

It might just be the oldest trick, but it works: A well-placed mirror can make a room look almost twice as large. You can install a single one that spans the length of your vanity, but hanging multiples—whether a matching pair hung side-by-side, or a mishmash hung salon-style—is equally as illuminating.

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