15 Ideas For the Built-in Fireplace

It is difficult to imagine a modern country house without heating. Whichever type of energy people use to heat the house, the fireplace is a necessary attribute of the living room. It is not only an excellent reserve source of heat, but also a living room decoration. How to properly place a fireplace on the wall, so it was safe and beautiful.

Modern built-in fireplace inserts are safe for installation even close to wooden structures. This opportunity appeared when engineers tried to find ways to increase the productivity (efficiency) of fireplaces. And they did it. Now many models of fireplace inserts are produced with an efficiency of up to 85%. Such a high heat output created conditions for the possible use of a fireplace as the main and only source of heat. Modern fireplace inserts can be installed anywhere - there is no need for a solid foundation, so the owners will easily find a suitable place. Several ideas of famous architects we picked up for this site.

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